The New-Age Faucet Manufactures in India

With eye-catching designs, efficient performance and a smooth cleansing experience, Plumber Bathware offers a wide range of faucets for bathrooms and kitchens. With wall hung, half turn, sensor taps, and much more, Plumber Bathware caters to all your requirements of faucets. One of the leading faucet manufacturers in India, Plumber Bathware helps you give a well-deserved makeover to your bathroom with its amazing collection of faucets.

Small details can lead you a long way when it comes to appearance. Faucets hold the power to make or break the overall look of your bathroom. Our faucets come with minimalist designs and 8 layer coating that not only gives them a fresh and new look for ages but also enhances their functionality. The quarter turn ranges are fitted with Japanese technology ceramic discs. All single lever ranges are fitted with European and Japanese cartridges which equate their quality and performance to international brands. Half-turn ranges are fitted with a unique double ‘O’ ring system, improvised by the Plumber R&D team with a unique ‘U’ seal, which works as a waterproof grease trap for the main working parts and avoids contact with water. The nickel and chromium coating on the faucets is in accordance with British Standard service conditions and is fit for all bathrooms and kitchen requirements.

Plumber Bathware’s is the only brand in the country to offer a lifetime performance warranty on its extensive range of faucets. Plumber Bathware ensures the highest standard of quality, luxurious designs and unmatched performance, making it one of the leading faucet manufacturers in India.

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